Hernán Munilla Lacasa

Founding partner of Munilla Lacasa, Salaber & de Palacios

Doctor of Law, Universidad Católica Argentina, April 2014. His doctoral thesis, “The wrongful retention as a crime of omission” was unanimously rated “outstanding” by the jury.
Post graduate studies in Criminal Law, Catholic University of Argentina, 1999.
Attorney, Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, 1986.

Name Partner at “Munilla Lacasa, Salaber & de Palacios” (2015).
Partner at Durrieu Abogados SC (1990/2014).
Advisor in criminal matters to the Argentine Congress Chamber of Representatives (1990/1992).
Secretary at Investigation and Judgment First Instance Criminal Courts (1986/1990).

Professor of criminal law at the postgraduate “Business Law” course, Argentine Catholic University, 2008 to date.
Professor of criminal law at the postgraduate course “The company and criminal law”, Argentine Catholic University, 2008 to date.
Professor “Protitular” of “Criminal Procedural Law Seminar”, Argentine Catholic University, 2008 to date.
Professor “Protitular” of “Criminal Law, Special Part” at the Argentine Catholic University, 1990 to date.

Member of the City of Buenos Aires Bar Association.
Chairman of the Committee on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the City of Buenos Aires Bar Association.
Board member of the City of Buenos Aires Bar Association (2010/2014).
Member of the Criminal Section of the Institute for Legislative Studies (IDEL) of Argentina Federation of Bar Associations, from 2005 to date.
Member of the Society of Criminal Law Attorneys from 1997 to date.

Appointed by the National Court of Appeals Chamber as additional judge and deputy of the National Courts of Criminal Enforcement (Res. 126/04) for 2005.
Won first prize (“Sebastián Soler”), issued by the Criminal Law Society in 1998, with his father Héctor Raúl Munilla Lacasa for his work “The ethics of criminal lawyer.” This work was brought to a book, published by Editorial Ad hoc, in 2000.
He has given numerous lectures on topics of expertise.
He has published numerous articles on criminal law (general part and special part) and criminal procedural law. Among them:

  • The Institute of recidivism in the Draft Penal Code, Journal of the city of Buenos Aires Bar Association, Volume 74, No. 1, p. 6 and ss, July 2014.
  • Insignificance and criminal law – Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, directed by Eugenio R. Zaffaroni, Year III, Number 1, February 2013.
  • Bribery between private individuals: a still nonexistent crime – La Ley, October 22, 2012.
  • Non-implanted embryos, an omission that should be corrected – La Ley, July 14, 2012.
  • Cash Sale: theft or “petardismo”? – La Ley, September 5, 2011.
  • Expropriators vs. Chains, the usurpers win, property looses – La Ley, May 5, 2011.
  • Honor at stake – La Ley, September 18, 2009.
  • The deposit in a location and the crime of disruption of agreed rights – Criminal and Procedural Criminal Law Supplement, November 30, 2006.
  • Medical secrecy: the scope of the just cause – La Ley, November 17, 2005.
  • The lawyer can not be compelled to render testimony if he invoke professional secrecy – La Ley, June 2, 2004.
  • Sexual shame, with no criminal protection – Journal of the City of Buenos Aires Bar Association, VI / 2004.
  • The situation of the accused – Juris Prudentia Magazine, 2000.
  • When the secrecy of the proceedings conspires against the defense right at trial – La Ley, November 12, 1997 (article included in the book “Criminal Procedural Law – Essential Doctrines”, Volume II, Edgardo Donna Director, Buenos Aires, 2013, p. 503.
  • A case of an atypical or impossible attempted crime? – La Ley, June 26, 1996.
  • Teaching Ethics in the Law Faculties – La Ley, April 20, 1995.
  • An ineffective defense, breaches the defense right? – La Ley, May 27, 1992.
  • Comments about the nature of the time stipulated in art. 16 of Law 23,771 Tax Criminal Law, Extract from the article published in the journal of the City of Buenos Aires Bar Association, Volume 53, May 1993 – In collaboration with Roberto Durrieu.
  • The criminal procedure reform: a commentary on the conference held in the City of Buenos Aires Bar Association – Journal of the Bar of the City of Buenos Aires, T. 52, 1992.
  • Some comments about detention and confession, in light of the new Criminal Procedure Code – La Ley, November 18, 1991.